What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a form of natural health care focused on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Our treatments focus on restoring biomechanics and stability of joints, allowing you to move optimally and pain free. 


How Can Chiropractic Help You?

At Sports & Spinal Chiropractic Clinic, we use a variety of treatment options to treat your injuries. Joint manipulation is just one of our tools we use. Soft tissue therapies, dry needling, electrotherapy (Laser, TENS, IF, muscle stimulation), custom exercise rehabilitation program prescription, as well as ergonomic, lifestyle, supplement and diet advice are all other modalities we use to improve your muscle and joint health. 

What Can Chiropractic Treat?

Chiropractic can treat a range of musculoskeletal disorders. If your injuries or pain is derived from muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons or nerves then the Chiropractors at Sports & Spinal Chiropractic can help. We aren't limited to just spinal problems either. As well as neck and low back conditions, we also treat headaches, sports injuries, tendinopathies, repetitive strain juries, prehab (pre surgery treatments), post surgery rehabilitation, peripheral joint conditions (shoulders, elbows, knee, ankles) and many more. If you're still uncertain whether we can help you, please don't hesitate to call and ask us at (02) 8198 4434. 

What Happens In A Chiropractic Treatment?

Our initial consult will go for 40-60 minutes. This will allow us to ask the necessary questions and perform the required orthopaedic tests to not only find what structures your pain is coming from, but also home in on the root cause of WHY you're getting the problem. You'll also get treatment for your injury on the initial treatment to start the treatment process and give you much needed relief. 

Follow up consults depend on your injury. Different problems require different treatment programs which will be explained to you by your practitioner. During the treatment program, stretches, mobility movements and strengthening exercises will be prescribed to speed up your recovery and keep you out of pain. 

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