Custom Exercise Rehabilitation Programs

Exercise Rehabilitation is an integral part of your treatment program. Your practitioner will go through specific exercises designed to strengthen and stabilize muscles and joints in your body. Whether you mainly sit at a desk at work, play social sports, or are an elite athlete, your practitioners at Sports & Spinal Chiropractic Clinic will prescribe you appropriate exercise to help you reach your goals. 

The prescribed exercises are tailored to your specific injury (or dysfunction), which you can easily do at home with no to minimal equipment. Your chiropractor will go through appropriate stretches, mobility and strengthening exercises to ensure your speedy recovery. 




Do you know there are different types of stretching? Static, dynamic, ballistic, PNF. Which is best for you?



Mobilising exercises are great for improving joint biomechanics. Whats the best exercise for your injury?



Strengthening muscle groups help stabilise joints and keep you out of pain in the long term.